[FFmpeg-devel] _t POSIX namespace issues

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Dec 11 16:29:48 CET 2008

Hi Diego,

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> So names ending in _t are reserved by POSIX.  Nonetheless we have tons
> of them.  I thought about fixing these issues myself, but coming up with
> good new names is tedious, so I propose to have each maintainer address
> the problem in the files they maintain.  Here is a the result of a grep
> for problematic names with maintainers, in no particular order:

First of all, thanks for noticing this issue, and for pointing out the
problems to the maintainers.

> Luca Abeni:
> libavformat/rtp.h:} rtcp_sdes_type_t;
> libavformat/rtp.h:} rtcp_type_t;

I think these are not used; I'll remove them as soon as I have some
time for testing the change.

> libavformat/rtp.h:} rtp_payload_data_t;

I personally do not like this kind of typedefs; is it ok if I change
all the instances of "rtp_payload_data_t" to "struct rtp_payload_data"?
(I am asking because I understand that this is mainly a matter of
personal opinions; if some main developer disagrees, I'll just change
rtp_payload_data_t in rtp_payload_data).

> libavformat/rtsp.c:} attrname_map_t;
> libavformat/rtsp.c:static const attrname_map_t attr_names[]=

This is maintained by Luca B.


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