[FFmpeg-devel] NC4600 camera code

nicolas martin elvadrias
Sat Dec 13 01:56:23 CET 2008

Hi there !

I'm a student working in a 3D vision lab. I needed to get some cameras  
to capture in real time, and so i changed a bit some ffmpeg code to do  
so. Those cameras feed some kind of MPEG4 stream but with strange  
headers ... The model is NC4600 ans the brand is unknown or not  
provided on the camera ...

I would be interested in submitting my code so that cameras are  
natively supported in ffmpeg. This is only in the purpose that I can  
be synced with latest ffmpeg svn, rather than always have to patch the  
files manually. I do also think that it could be useful for other  
students or people who use those cameras.

Thanks !


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