[FFmpeg-devel] AVCHD real-time decoding

Stefan de Konink stefan
Sat Dec 13 22:28:47 CET 2008

Jean-Michel Pour? wrote:
> Using a recent dual-core computer, it seems impossible to play these
> files in real-time in ffplay or Kdenlive. 

AMDX2 5200+ here, first second is ffplay seem to go very difficult. But 
after it even in twinview resolution (fullscreen) it is very acceptable.

> Do you think ffmpeg will be able to play AVCHD in real time soon? Are
> you plannig some multi-process support ni AVCHD decoding? We would like
> to heard from ffmpeg developers.
> If there is no chance to decode AVCHD in real-time, then we will specify
> this on Kdenlive description to avoid any misenterpretation.

Wouldn't it be much beter for an editor to implement proxy editing so it 
is not really input dependent; or use lower resolution decoding (don't 
know if this is possible with h264).


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