[FFmpeg-devel] AVCHD real-time decoding

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Mon Dec 15 00:28:16 CET 2008


Jean-Michel Pour? <jm <at> poure.com> writes:

> Recently I found these AVCHD files:
> [^]
> [^]
> [^]
> [^]
> [^]
> [^]
> Using a recent dual-core computer, it seems impossible to play these
> files in real-time in ffplay or Kdenlive. 

This has nothing to do with your computer, you just found issue 475:
(Samples containing PAFF have difficulties with A/V sync.)

Please note that mplayer -fps 25 -demuxer lavf can be used to play those samples.

Carl Eugen

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