[FFmpeg-devel] Bink demuxer/av_add_index_entry

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Dec 19 08:30:55 CET 2008

Daniel Verkamp wrote:
> - What is the keyframe flag used for, demuxer internal use only?  Bink
> video doesn't seem to have any such thing as a key frame at first
> glance (only the very first frame), and audio is windowed with the
> previous frame.

It's typical for these game-oriented formats to not specify keyframes 
(other than the first frame). The keyframe flag is advisory to FFmpeg, 
but it will do fine without it. Also, keyframes only apply to video 
frames, not audio.

I wish I could answer more of your questions but I have been out of the 
internals for awhile. Thanks for your work on this format.

     -Mike Melanson

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