[FFmpeg-devel] Matroska demuxer gives presentation order in dts

elupus elupus
Wed Feb 27 15:06:39 CET 2008

elupus <elupus <at> ecce.se> writes:
> Yea i've reported this before. The matroska demuxer only fills in pts 
> then lavf copies this value to dts if it's missing. Normally this should be 
> done almost correctly if there exists a parser for the video that marks up B 
> frames correctly, but that isn't always the case.
> I tried to talk michael into not entering dts values at all if demuxer 
> couldn't generate them, but got no interest in that.
> I think was discussed in the thread that talks about matroska returns dts 
> pts for matroska files with avi compatibility mode.
> Regards
> Joakim

Sorry was wrong, was in "[PATCH] make mpeg4 parser set has_b_frames", but the 
issue was backwords. Ie lavf setting pts = dts, even if there was no parser 
available to know if the frames was out of order. It's the same type of issue, 
only backwords :). 


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