[FFmpeg-devel] Fix for drawtext under FreeBSD

Robert Swain robert.swain
Wed Jan 2 03:07:51 CET 2008


This seems like a simple change and you appear to have done your
research but I don't know if your solution is correct, I'll let others
comment on that.

On 02/01/2008, Eduardo M. Bragatto <eduardo at bragatto.com> wrote:
> I've sent this message a while ago and had no feedback so far..

A few days isn't that long.

> Do I need to create a patch form the latest snapshot in order to have my
> change being applied to the next release?

FFmpeg doesn't really have releases, unless you consider every svn
revision a release. :) Make a patch against an svn checkout using svn

> That's a very serious problem for those running drawtext vhook under
> FreeBSD (it simply does not work at all!!!). The fix couldn't be more
> simple, other vhook modules work the same way as I'm suggesting here,
> it's just drawtext module that has a problem with the portability to
> other OSes where getopt() does not behaviour the same way as under
> Linux. (I do like British english, behaviour is not misspelled).

Yey! We need more British English lovers! :)

vhook is essentially deprecated as far as I am aware and libavfilter
is just being polished to be pulled in to trunk though I'm not sure
how much work remains to be done. However, as you say, it does seem
like a very small change, would be in favour of consistency with other
vhooks modules and you present a reasonable argument.

> If you guys don't care about portability to other OSes than Linux, let
> me know so I can contact the FreeBSD development list and having them
> patching the source under the ports system.

I think portability is generally high on the agenda of FFmpeg
developers if the flame wars on these mailing lists are anything to go
by, it's somewhat a gold standard.

I expect someone will look at this shortly and give it a response.
Please be patient and if no one has responded in a few more days then
maybe no one is interested in vhooks.


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