[FFmpeg-devel] vorbis_dec.c on sh4 architecture : floating point exception

Vincent Penné vpenne
Thu Jan 3 15:20:34 CET 2008


Balatoni Denes a ?crit :
> Hi!
>> On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 02:45:51PM +0100, Vincent Penn? wrote:
>>> It appears that some floating point arrays aren't initialized to any
>>> specific value at allocation time in "vorbis_parse_id_hdr" function,
>>> introducing random and possibly invalid floating point values.
>>> (apparently , sh4 is a bit touchy with invalid floating values)
>>> Turning the av_malloc calls into av_mallocz calls fixes the problem. As
>>> it is initialisation code, there should be no impact on performance.
> I think channel_residues and channel_floors are memset 0 at an other point.
> ret, buf and buf_tmp should be written to before reading (if read at all in 
> vorbis_dec). However "saved" is read before written - so
> could you try only setting the "saved" buffer to zero, if that fixes the 
> problem?
> If it does, than that is a change fit for svn imo.
I tried what you suggested, it seems to be indeed sufficient.

A patch against ffmpeg rev.11385 is attached.

Vincent Penne.

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