[FFmpeg-devel] here's a fix for the bug: "missing LFE in DTS decoding"

madshi dear
Fri Jan 4 11:41:13 CET 2008

In "dca.c" the call to "lfe_interpolation_fir" (there's only one call) 
must be changed to this:

        lfe_interpolation_fir(s->lfe, 2 * s->lfe,
                              s->lfe_data + lfe_samples +
                              2 * s->lfe * subsubframe,
                              &s->samples[256 * i_channels],
                              256.0 /*8388608.0*/, 0 /*s->bias */);

This will fix the missing LFE channel when decoding DTS. I'm sorry, I 
don't know how to create patch files. But the change is simple enough. 
Hopefully one of the SVN maintainers can take this patch over? Thanks!

Gr??e *?* Regards...

*Mathias Rauen*
Ernst-M?ller-Allee 10
Germany *?* 37520 Osterode

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