[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Seeking in PVA files

Ivo ivop
Fri Jan 4 12:52:19 CET 2008


I started working on seeking for PVA files. The attached patch also contains 
some cosmetics, a bug fix and some refactoring of code, so it is not 
intended to be applied as-is. I will separate the changes after the 

With the attached patch, seeking works for all samples files and it works 
just as well as MPlayer's native demuxer. I have one problem though. I 
cannot discern keyframes from non-keyframes, so it might seek to somewhere 
in the middle of a GOP (the old demuxer had the same problem). The only way 
I see to fix that would be for the demuxer to check the MPEG-ES packet 
before adding it to the index. Or is there a way I could instruct the 
decoder to drop all frames leading up to the next keyframe without decoding 
and/or printing warning/error messages? Or another solution I am 

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