[FFmpeg-devel] netiquette

madshi dear
Fri Jan 4 18:38:09 CET 2008

Diego Biurrun schrieb:
> On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 02:04:27PM +0100, madshi wrote:
>> Diego Biurrun schrieb:
>>> Stop wasting our time please, Google can answer your questions just fine
>>> (first hit will do).  Also, our mailing list page should already have
>>> explained all of this, but you chose to ignore it.  Come back when you
>>> have a clue about email etiquette, thanks a bundle.
>> Thank you for the kind words. You really have a gift for motivating people.
> I can understand your frustration, now please understand mine.  I
> spelled the rules out quite clearly on the mailing lists page.  What do
> you suggest I do so that they do not get ignored?

Diego, I can understand that you're frustrated with people ignoring the 
mailing list's rules. I really do understand that. There are often 
people posting in my own forums ignoring all the rules I set. So I 
really do feel your pain.

But what I don't understand is how you're weighing my actions. Yes, I 
did violate some mailing list rules because I didn't read the full 
instructions. That was wrong and I have already apologized for that (and 
changed my posting style). But on the positive side I have also come 
with a fully tested and working bugfix for "your" code. I think you're a 
developer yourself, aren't you? So you surely know that debugging other 
people's code is no fun. Furthermore I'm a Delphi developer by heart and 
doing C++ stuff is really painful for me. Now instead of posting a 
"thanks" for me spending hours on debugging bugs in "your" code you were 
welcoming me with a "go away" attitude just because I dared to post a 
bugfix before studying the mailing list's rules from A to Z. Reading 
your posts it seems to me that the mailing list formatting rules are 
more important to you than getting bugs fixed in ffmpeg. I don't think 
that's the right approach.

Anyway, no harm done (on my side, at least).

P.S: Of course I was and still am not expecting any "thank you"s. After 
all you're all doing work for the public without getting much reward 
back yourself.

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