[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] add coded_channels to audio api

Justin Ruggles justinruggles
Sun Jan 6 07:36:48 CET 2008


This is a huge patch to add a coded_channels variable to AVCodecContext.
   It's only used on the decoding side.

The design concept is that avctx.coded_channels should always be the
actual number of channels in the source stream, avctx.request_channels
is the number of channels that the user wants the decoder to convert to,
and avctx.channels is the actual number of channels output by the
decoder (which may or may not match request_channels).

So all of the demuxers don't touch avctx.channels, only
avctx.coded_channels.  The same goes for parsers.  All decoders are
required to set avctx.channels.  They can either set it to
avctx.coded_channels or avtx.request_channels.

It will probably require a good bit of testing since it impacts so many
decoders and demuxers.

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