[FFmpeg-devel] Question on libbrokenos support

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Tue Jan 8 17:12:36 CET 2008

Hi Ronald,

Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi,
> On Jan 8, 2008 10:31 AM, Luca Abeni <lucabe72 at email.it> wrote:
>> Or maybe there is a third solution, which is more correct and I
>> am not seeing...
> Like I said earlier, do a touch libos/sys/select.h if select.h appears
> missing in configure.
Yes, that's easy. The problem is, for example, the version of sys/socket.h
provided by some OSs, that does not contain the definition of socklen_t...

So, I need to provide the definition of socklen_t, and then to include the
"original" sys/socket.h.

> For headers with actual content, do a ln -s to
> _actualheadername.h or echo #include "_actualheadername.h" >>
> actualheadername.h where that _actualheadername.h is part of svn (in
> libos/*, again).
In this way, I prevent the inclusion of the header provided by the OS, no?
In the example above, I need to include the sys/socket.h from the OS for
having some definitions, and to provide some other definitions in
libbrokenos's header. Or are you saying that the configure can merge the
two headers, and libbrokenos can force the inclusion of this "merged header"?
That could be a solution; I'll think about it...


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