[FFmpeg-devel] Question on libbrokenos support

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra
Tue Jan 8 17:34:23 CET 2008

Luca Abeni wrote:
> Hi all,
> So, libbrokenos cannot provide such headers, because it would
> prevent the inclusion of the headers provided by the OS,
> breaking the compilation... How can the missing definitions
> be provided? I see two possibilities:
> 1) provide the header in libbrokenos, with a "#include_next ..."
> at the beginning (protected by "#if HAVE_...") to include the
> header provided by the OS

Go with 1).  2) has the potential to grow and became hard to manage. 
Also it kind of beats the purpose of having libbrokenos be the lib to 
handle OS stuff if you have to include one of its internal header files.

Gonzalo Garramu?o
ggarra at advancedsl.com.ar

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