[FFmpeg-devel] New 'libav-users' mailing list

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu Jan 17 15:22:18 CET 2008

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 10:12:41PM -0700, Kyle Mallory wrote:
> Michael N. suggested that I post to this board, requesting a new mailing
> list for the users (ie, developers using) the ffmpeg libraries.
> As an application developer using the libav* libraries, I have little or
> no interest in the command line usage of ffmpeg or its related
> utilities.  Posting support requests to ffmpeg-devel is often met with a
> recommendation to post to ffmpeg-user.  When posted to ffmpeg-user,
> amongst the plethora of requests about command-line usage, and compiling
> for various platforms, our posts are often overlooked by a dozen or two
> other posts.  When searching the archives, finding relevant information
> becomes increasingly difficult.   Us libav* users are the lonely bastard
> children, with no real place to call home... 
> So, I'm asking the question to you all, the ffmpeg maintainers: Could we
> please have a new mailing list created, dedicated to people like me, who
> love what ffmpeg offers, but aren't really interested in using it as a
> command-line tool?  Pretty please?

After the overwhelming support from people in favor of such a list ...

root please create libav-user, i volunteer as ml-admin.
and i suspect baptiste might as well?

If because of whatever reasons root feels unable or unwilling to create this
list, please inform me ASAP!

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