[FFmpeg-devel] suggestion for expanding audio bitdepth support in libav/ffmpeg

madshi dear
Mon Jan 21 10:51:16 CET 2008

Michel Bardiaux schrieb:
 > I would say the first step should be to wrap sound
 > in some struct called e.g. AVSnippet, similar to
 > AVFrame (or maybe accept both audio and/or
 > video in an AVFrame), instead of stupidly moving
 > sound around as a buffer without any indication
 > of number of channels, packed or planar, bitdepth,
 > sampling rate, duration...

Makes sense.

 > Next, the special-cases for PCM that are all over
 > the place, should be handled like any other codec
 > or format.
 > When these 2 goals are reached, *then* it should
 > be much easier to add support for other internal
 > sound 'pixel formats'.

But wouldn't this mean that both libav and ffmpeg
needed to be changed at the same time? I have to
admit that I don't know anything about ffmpeg,
as I'm only using libav. But anyway, I guess the
main point of my original post was the suggestion
to not change the whole audio subsystem in both
libav and ffmpeg at the same time, but to deal
with libav first and tackle ffmpeg at a later time,
while adding some kind of "translation" layer
between libav and ffmpeg. Doing it that way would
break up the whole terrifying task into two smaller
slightly less terrifying pieces.

But maybe my suggestion is bad cause I really
don't know anything about the ffmpeg part of the

 > Of course, the *real* challenge is to achieve all
 > that without adding even 1% overhead, which
 > some would deem unacceptable...



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