[FFmpeg-devel] Decoding extended profile of H.264 using mpeg

Tom Winter tommytrue
Tue Jan 22 18:18:02 CET 2008

Hello all,
I am trying to decode an H.264 steam coded with extended profile with
Flexible Macro block ordering and Data partition enabled. But I was unable
to decode the steam , the decoded steam either is fully blanked out (for
FMO) or the first frame is copied throughout sequence incase of DP. For you
reference I have uploaded both H.264 sequence
decoded sequence
I was wondering whether ffmpeg has ability to decode extended profile of
H.264 with error reslince featurs like FMO and DP enabled. I came to know B
frames and CABAC is not supported but looking what error resilience measures
are enabled
I appreciate any help from user experts and developers who might have
used/developed ffmpeg to help me out on this issue.
thank you in advance for your help


Tom Winter ,
Graduate Student ,
UNC Charlotte

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