[FFmpeg-devel] GSOC application question

Laszlo Szilagyi laszlo.szilagyi.home
Mon Mar 24 17:03:27 CET 2008

 Dear FFmpeg!

I'm an electrical engineer student in my 4th year from Hungary (BUTE),
studying mainly about embedded system design, digital signal processing, and
of course the programming tools in connection with these fields. I've heard
about the "Google Summer Of Code", and the projects FFmpeg offers caught my
attention. I've got interested in the various types of encoders, (for
example DTS) and before I send my application I would like to know if my
qualification is sufficient for the various tasks.

My studies/experiences:

- programming in C/C++ language (in C++ I'm familiar with STL, and design
patterns, used doxigen)

- DSP knowledge: mathematical fundamentals, filter design, real time signal
processing on hardware (in this semester my "Labor work" is about multi rate
filters (for radars), last semester with one of my college we created a
"Larsen effect" cancelling system on an Analog Devices Blackfin eval board,
and it actually worked... :) )

- Matlab programming knowledge (experience with (multi rate) filter design,
simulations, also with fixed point simulations)

- Linux user and programing experience (till the end of this semester I'll
accomplish a curse called "Linux programming", which will give me more
insight of programming the system)

- FPGA programming (experience: realization of a Discrete Cosine
Transformator, simple "VGA card" and pong game :) )

I'm open to study new fields, interested in acoustics.

With this background what can you recommend me, before I create my
application? Plese contact me!
Thanks your help!


Laszlo Szilagyi

Ps: Ha magyar tagok is vannak mondjuk a BME-rol (pl VIK), egy beszelgetest
megejthetnenk az I-ben meg a heten... :) Vagy persze mashol Budapesten. Udv!

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