[FFmpeg-devel] VQA v3 GSoC questions, need help

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Apr 1 08:32:57 CEST 2009

The Deep Explorer wrote:
>>> I think his point is that if there is anything that is not clear in the
>>> documentation, you try using the source code of other player as
>>> documentation.
> Thanks for the pointers...if I sounded rude I apologize.
>> Yep, and BTW, welcome to real world multimedia hacking, tde! :) You're
>> learning what it takes to succeed in this niche.
>> --
>>    -Mike Melanson
> :( I thought the format80 algorithm is provided  so it would be easy
> to understand but heck the
> whole thing is written in assembly like pseudo code ...working on it
> to understand it...

Actually, it's Pascal which is a slightly higher-level language than C. 
I'll try to get that description rewritten in a more general pseudo-code 
algorithm before I forget everything I used to know about Pascal.

     -Mike Melanson

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