[FFmpeg-devel] rtsp/rdt streaming from bbc (was: ask for advieof doing Qualification task -- M95 Playback System)

Kvikant, Christian Scilla kvide
Wed Apr 1 19:43:31 CEST 2009

Edward wrote:
> The default behaviour of rtspsrc on gstreamer is to
> first try using udp, and then after 10s if no data 
> was received it switches to tcp. That's maybe why it works.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

At work I received multicast from a webcam. I'm sure, as that was what was
announced in the SDP and was also the only packets routed through to the
wlan ap.

Now at home, I receive Nasa TV over UDP... From my DLink adsl box: (.105.239
is an iPod Touch and is an Akamai address)

Internal Protocol External NAT Priority State Dir Time Out UDP 49163 133 - Out 1796 UDP 49165 133 - Out 1797 UDP 49162 128 - In 65535 UDP 49164 128 - In 65535


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