[FFmpeg-devel] [FFmpeg-user] Remuxing for the PS3

John Lange john
Thu Apr 2 07:15:04 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-01 at 22:22 -0500, John Lange wrote:

> I've just downloaded the Linux version so I can do some testing. My plan
> will be to take the same source material and remux it using both tsmux
> and ffmpeg and then compare results.
> This may shed some light on what ffmpeg is doing wrong.

Just a quick update; remuxing with TsMuxer seemed to go smoothly and the
resulting file played well with ffplay (but not mplayer). mediainfo also
seemed to display the correct information about the file.

However, it would not play on the PS3.

The PS3 won't even recognize the file, it just shows it as unsupported
data. I'm going to try again with some different options to see if that
makes a difference.

Let me know what settings you've used that worked.

John Lange

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