[FFmpeg-devel] Who is against GIT now? (Was: [RFC] libswscale into the FFmpeg SVN repo)

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Sun Apr 5 18:56:37 CEST 2009

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 05:28:40PM +0200, Luca Barbato wrote:
>> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>>> and i belive there is no consensus on a switch to git ...
>> I just wonder who is against git now...
> I strongly dislike that metadata cannot be versioned or changed, for
> example commit messages.
> Given the often low-quality commit messages we suffer from around here
> and the importance they have when debugging or understanding the code
> I think there has to be a way to update and fix them.
> And I am most emphatically *not* talking about spelling errors in commit
> messages.  Repeat after me, this is *not* about pedantic nitpicking[1].

git rebase -i on topic branches does what you'd ever dream about ^^;



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