[FFmpeg-devel] Introduction / GSOC qualification task

Kevin DuBois kdub432
Mon Apr 6 06:47:28 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I recently applied to Google's summer of code for ffmpeg to implement
various audio filters for ffmpeg. You can see my proposal here
you are interested.

As part of the application to ffmpeg's gsoc program, I would like to do the
task "Implement RTCP BYE packets" listed on the wiki. I have talked to
Justin Ruggles about the GSOC qualification task, and plan to have it done
by the due date wednesday.

Kevin DuBois
kdub432 at gmail.com
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80CF 7C1D 0A1C BE03 2203
95B6 1515 C3DC B6BE 7E88

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