[FFmpeg-devel] Touching base on first decoder ( CDXL ) before loosing direction

Erion Omeri erion.omeri
Tue Apr 7 21:30:00 CEST 2009


I just wanted to check base with the team before I get off track.

QUESTION: Am I in the right path to creating the CDXL codec (see files)?

I read the Wiki and the simple Cook decoder:

 I found the Pascal version of the CDXL decoder and have loosely tried to
convert it to C ( not done by any means). I did focus mainly on the READ
I have made some generalizations and will have to make more as we go along.

 I understand that there is not much time left to get this qualification
task up and running, so I will attach my files here so that you can see what
direction I am going. I have commented out a skeleton I grabbed from another
codec example and will eventually adapt my functions to using the FFMPEG

I understand that in order to add a codec to the pool I will need to its ID
in a struct in AVCodec but if the order of that struct changes other
dependencies break. How do I go about adding my codec ID without breaking
the rest, should I just add it at the tail? On the other hand, I see
grouping in the struct which makes think it should go under video codecs
which is not at the tail.

I would also need to make an addition on the Make file to link my cdxl.o and
its dependencies to the rest.

Do you guys have a procedure to test make your codecs while programming
without the overwhelming verbose and time consuming make?

Also how much time is allowed to complete the qualification tasks?

Thanks for your help in advance,

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