[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] fix speex sample

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Thu Apr 9 02:26:11 CEST 2009

On 4/8/2009 5:02 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 08, 2009 at 04:21:32PM -0700, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
>> On 4/8/2009 3:46 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> [...]
>>>> The multiple stsd feature is implemented, and I submited a patch, it
>>>> depends on one seeking fix in aviobuf.c, for which I also sent a patch.
>>>> Not mentioning that it takes me approximately 1 day to address issues on
>>>> roundup relative to mov/mp4. Btw you are listed as maintainer for mov as
>>>> well ;)
>>>> This is effectively a different kind of maintainership.
>>> it is not, you can look at avidec/enc and its also pretty bug free, or
>>> msmpeg4 or the mpeg1/2 decoder ...
>> msmpeg4 that should be true.
>> Mpeg2 decoder has an important bug IMHO since some time. I reported it,
>> and libmpeg2 does not have this bug and decodes correctly the first 2
>> frames. I lack some knowledge of the surrounding code, but I tried to
>> work on it at least. It should not take you much time to figure out the
>> problem I guess.
> thats a feature request not a bug, its something very well known since
> the code was written.

What was your argument about other implementation supporting it ?
Oh yes, users will stop using yours to use the one supporting it.

FYI, many of my samples use this mechanism, I just didn't really realize
it, I thought it was just broken link but finally, I discovered that
libavcodec deliberately _skip_ 2 frames, even without telling you !

Solution is simple, until fixed I will use libmpeg2.

>> Avi demuxer had a bug I fixed recently. I should have wait a few months,
>> damn ;)
> now if i could remember which of the 2 lines svn blame assigns to you from
> more than 1000 in avidec you mean here ;)
> not that either is particularely recent

Well, you are way older than me, let me catch up ;)

>>> flv is a little worse but not much
>>> and then there is mpeg-ts & ffserver for which i belive you are maintainer
>>> now, they are not even remotely close to bugfree not even close to flvdecs
>>> bugfreeness.
>> AFAIK I'm not official maintainer of mpeg-ts, but I don't mind being
>> maintainer and fixing bugs.
> i see, so i will suspent all my work on mpeg-ts now

I didn't know you were working on TS, may I see the patch ?

>> FFserver is certainly not bug free, however all roundup issue were
>> closed and fixed AFAIK, and it's working quite ok for me.
> issue238 and 797 have ffserver in the title and are open

Humm right, it seems issue 238 is way old, I was not maintainer back in
the days, and the version is damn old, I will close it.

About 797, user should use AVOption ab now anyway so this is not an issue :)

Thanks for helping me closing roundup issues.

> also there is no working ffserver regression test, you might have closed
> all issues but as long as ffserver cant produce non random output its not
> too usefull or did you fix this?

I produces stable results here, however I'd be happy to receive feedback
on failures.

>>>>>> [...]
>>>>>> but that's all right
>>>>>> with me. Let's wait a few months ;)
>>>>> you dont need to wait a few month before you fix your patch ;)
>>>> Well, like you said pretty well, I can spend my time on something else
>>>> than something maintainer is able to fix ;)
>>>> I don't have problem with this file personally, someone submited this
>>>> file. I just don't like bugs.
>>>> If I were maintainer, I would have fixed it already, that's the whole
>>>> point. I would even have addressed your comments on -cvslog and changed
>>>> my original commit ;)
>>> well, but you are not maintainer, and you will not become maintainer either
>>> if that prevents you from fixing flvdec, thats a pitty, cant be helped i
>>> guess.
>> Yes it can be helped, and you know it.
>> But that's no problem for me, it's just that I will have hard time
>> excusing you for refusing to let it go while you keep saying you don't
>> have time for it.
>> You just cannot reasonably refuse to share maintainership and say that
>> you don't have time to do it.
> dont twist the truth
> i do have time to review patches to flvdec.c i do not have the time nor
> interrest to rewrite patches.

I don't twist the truth IMHO.
IMHO you do not have enough time to be the only maintainer for flv.

_Only_ reviewing patch is not my idea of "maintainership".

Maintainership is about reviewing _and_ coding by _enhancing_ and
_fixing_ bugs.

> and i refuse you to take co maintainership because you commited broken code
> already

No, it's not broken. It fixed the issue and I'm still waiting for your
"correct" fix since your last proposition does _not_ work.

Furthermore you guessed something which was wrong since flv demuxer
could not even return empty packets. How good is this ?

Then I gave you the sample.

> and submited a broken patch to flvdec thats 2 bad out of 2.

No patch is _perfectly_ fine, and it actually fixes the problem.
You just twisted specs to fit your arguments here, even Mike
acknowledged my argument.

Please stop the FUD.

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