[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] fix speex sample

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Thu Apr 9 04:35:54 CEST 2009

Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> But that's no problem for me, it's just that I will have hard
>>>>> time excusing you for refusing to let it go while you keep
>>>>> saying you don't have time for it.
>>>>> You just cannot reasonably refuse to share maintainership and
>>>>> say that you don't have time to do it.
>>>> dont twist the truth i do have time to review patches to flvdec.c
>>>> i do not have the time nor interrest to rewrite patches.
>>> I don't twist the truth IMHO. IMHO you do not have enough time to
>>> be the only maintainer for flv.
>>> _Only_ reviewing patch is not my idea of "maintainership".
>>> Maintainership is about reviewing _and_ coding by _enhancing_ and 
>>> _fixing_ bugs.
>> iam not stoping others from enhancing and fixing, they dont need to
>> be "maintainer" for this. What i insist on is reviewing changes
>> before they are commited to flvdec.c
> The point is having you the _only_ maintainer is not efficient and
> prevent the FLV code to be enchanced and fixed.
> I claim that letting me co-maintaining it will improve vastly the situation.

Just to be clear, I really don't want you to step back, after all I'm
quite happy about the mov maintainership situation.

>>>> and i refuse you to take co maintainership because you commited
>>>> broken code already
>>> No, it's not broken. It fixed the issue and I'm still waiting for
>>> your "correct" fix since your last proposition does _not_ work.
>>> Furthermore you guessed something which was wrong since flv demuxer
>>>  could not even return empty packets. How good is this ?
>>> Then I gave you the sample.
>>>> and submited a broken patch to flvdec thats 2 bad out of 2.
>>> No patch is _perfectly_ fine, and it actually fixes the problem. 
>>> You just twisted specs to fit your arguments here, even Mike 
>>> acknowledged my argument.
>> what argument? your patch is broken no matter which way you define
>> sample_rate
> No it's not broken, it always set sample for speex to 16khz, this is
> _right_, no matter how much you twist the spec.
>>> Please stop the FUD.
>> please accept that you are not and will not be flvdec maintainer or
>> co maintainer. This decisson is final.
> Btw your so well FLV demuxer output packet with different codec in the
> same stream. Do you plan to fix this or will you wait for 6 months ?
> Btw I added H264/AAC/SPEEX demuxing to flv demuxer, I added h264 and AAC
> to flv muxer. This is why Mike forwards me bugs.
> You deliberately ignore this. I'm very much offended, and I won't be
> calming down any time soon.

Well it seems I've become pretty upset after the last answer, but I now
realize that I was certainly using rude and offensive tone. I'm sorry
and I'd like to apologize for it.

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