[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC VQA v3 vptr code 2 fresh approach

The Deep Explorer thedeepexplorer
Mon Apr 13 08:09:20 CEST 2009

Hi ,
    Please check inline ...at the case 2 for code 2 ...that is where I
am stuck...just giving the rest so that
to provide a context....

static void vqa_decode_vptr(const unsigned char *src, int src_size,
                            unsigned char *dest, int dest_size) {

    int src_index = 0;
    int dest_index = 0;
    short int code_buf = 0;
    short int code = 0;
    int   block_no = 0;
    int   count = 0;
    int   index = 0;

    while(src_index < src_size) {
        code = code_buf >> 13;
        code = code & 0x0007;

        av_log(NULL,AV_LOG_ERROR,"Actual value of code %d Code Value
is %d \n",code_buf,code);

        switch(code) {

       case 2:
             /* 010 - Write block number (Val & 0xff) and then write
Count blocks getting their indexes by reading next Count bytes from
              the VPTR chunk. Count is (((Val/256) & 0x1f)+1)*2.
Again, the block numbers range from 0-255.*/
             block_no = code_buf & 0x1ff;
             count = (((code_buf/256) & 0x1f)+1)*2;

                // Am reading from the vptr buffer
                 I have the count index in the count_val
                 What to do now ? How do I use it to write in the dest
buffer ?
              dest_index += index;
             av_log(NULL,AV_LOG_ERROR,"Code is 010 %d \n",code);

Banging my head in frustration ,,,,please tell me what to do :( ...I
have read the RLE and the doc quite a few times...it is still
confusing...please help...


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