[FFmpeg-devel] patch attached : VQA v3 GSoC

The Deep Explorer thedeepexplorer
Mon Apr 13 11:39:37 CEST 2009

>> For now , please disregard the indentation and all, and give me
>> feedback to make it work :).
> No, this is not the way this works.  You've got it backwards.

Ok, will send an updated patch shortly.
> You are here to show you are qualified to participate as student in our
> SoC program.  If you cannot even get basic and simple things like
> following a simple coding style right, why bother?  You will have to
> cross higher obstacles later on.  If you have trouble with the lower
> ones, you might just not be qualified...
> Diego

I understand where you are coming from...working on the coding style
and indentation...I think indentation is the one...


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