[FFmpeg-devel] VQA v3 Algorithm is needed to finish GSoC Qualification task

The Deep Explorer thedeepexplorer
Mon Apr 13 17:22:40 CEST 2009

   I am resending again, this is where we reach assuming we have
successfully decoded,
the vptr / vprz and then we are supposed to have the codebook and the
codebook indices ready.
Please tell me what is the mechanism for the vector index for V3 VQA ?

I could not find it anywhere in the document...

 for (y = 0; y < s->frame.linesize[0] * s->height;
        y += s->frame.linesize[0] * s->vector_height) {

        for (x = y; x < y + s->width; x += 4, lobytes++, hibytes++) {
            pixel_ptr = x;

            /* get the vector index, the method for which varies according to
             * VQA file version */
            switch (s->vqa_version) {
                     case 3:
                /* not implemented yet */
   ======>  Algo needed ?
                lines = 0;

Someone please reply.


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