[FFmpeg-devel] Apache licensed AMR library, patches

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Apr 15 19:31:55 CEST 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 07:35:54PM +0300, Martin Storsj? wrote:
> I've made a wrapper around the AMR codecs from Google Android (from a
> package named OpenCore, provided by PacketVideo); this is an "as simple as
> it gets" and proof of concept wrapper providing the same interfaces as
> libamr-nb/wb as used by ffmpeg. (Benjamin Larsson mentioned the
> availability of these codecs in October, in
> http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2008-October/055088.html.)

I'm not sure this is the best approach.  Is there a disadvantage to
using a separate wrapper?

> Some notes:
> - The ffmpeg configure scripts looks for Speech_Decode_Frame_init in
>   libamrnb, even though that function actually isn't used. This should
>   be changed to check for Decoder_Interface_init instead, which is the
>   one that is used. (Speech_Decode_Frame_init is only used within
>   CONFIG_LIBAMR_NB_FIXED, a configure option that's been removed some
>   time ago.) Patch attached.

Patch is OK and applied, thanks.

> - The license of the codec code is Apache 2.0, which unfortunately isn't
>   (L)GPL2 compatible, afaik. It is compatible with (L)GPL3 though, and
>   it's at least legally redistributable, in contrast to the current
>   libamr-nb/wb.

Thankfully, due to the efforts of yours truly, FFmpeg is LGPL v2.1+ and
can be used in conjunction with this code.


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