[FFmpeg-devel] MMX optimized functions in yuv2rgb_template.c ignore trailing pixels for non-aligned destination width

Cédric Schieli cschieli
Fri Apr 17 16:13:55 CEST 2009



sws_yuv2rgb_split_out_macros.patch :
splits out PUTRGB* macros from yuv2rgb.c into a separate yuv2rgb.h so
they can be reused in yuv2rgb_template.c

sws_yuv2rgb_mmx_split_trailer_macro.patch :
splits out the end of the loop from YUV2RGB_OPERANDS* macros to a
separate YUV2RGB_TRAIL macro

sws_yuv2rgb_mmx_factorize_vars_declaration.patch :
factorizes variables declaration

sws_yuv2rgb_mmx_unaligned_width.patch :
use the C macros to convert the trailing pixels

C?dric Schieli

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