[FFmpeg-devel] Suggestion for a centralized language-tag facility in libavformat

cyril comparon cyril.comparon
Sat Apr 18 16:22:08 CEST 2009

Tell me if I am wrong but your idea might lead to the following issues :
- less visually and memory-compact code table (n*p lines instead of n,
extra offset attributes)
- possible-but-hard to maintain and extend table (need for a common
code-generator script)
- codespace-specific logics in the conversion function (if ISO639-T
identical to 639-B then...)

However, I don't mind giving it a shot (even though I keep quibbling
about it), if I am absolutely sure that's the way you want it.

One more discussion may also be relevant to avoid future annoyance :
what about code spaces that take localization into account (i.e. not
only language), like RFC1766 ? As now, using my patch to demux-remux a
wmv file containing, say, a "en-US" audio track would result in a file
with an "en" audio track.


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