[FFmpeg-devel] Mov / Mp4 Muxer in streaming

Ludovic Cabre lud2k
Tue Apr 21 11:19:31 CEST 2009

I'm the one who developed this quick hack for allowing Mov streaming.
I agree that it is not the most efficient way to do it. I could write
samples to a temp buffer and when this temp buffer is over 5Mbit write a
Mdat for it. It would surely reduce the number of overhead.

The ffmpeg team has really precise coding styles (K&R, no tabs, ..) and we
didn't succeed matching those coding styles (the last time the patch was
rejected I really didn't understand why). I would be happy to develop
the above solution but I need to be sure that it won't be refused. Would you
help us ? Is there any class I could use for the temp data (should I create
another ByteIOContext ?) ?


Cabre Ludovic

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