[FFmpeg-devel] FFplay bugs

ami_stuff ami_stuff
Thu Apr 23 20:31:20 CEST 2009


I have two builds of FFplay - the latest one (I will call it 2009 build) and old SVN-r15986 from 2008 year (I will call it 2008 build) compiled for two different systems: Windows Cygwin and Amiga m68k. The same problems appers in builds compiled for these two systems:

1. When video playback stop at the end of video I can see that 2009 build uses 100% CPU load, while 2008 build uses 0% CPU load.

2. When I want to seek in the video with right key, sometimes video freezes (and don't start to play again even after long time).  Now when I click on the window to seek video somewhere else, with 2008 build it works correctly, but when I do the same with 2009 build nothing happens - I see static image, but at the same time I hear that seeking in audio track works correctly.

Someone should fix these problems to make FFplay again usable.

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