[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] LATM Parser & LATM/AAC Decoder

Paul Kendall paul
Fri Apr 24 12:22:28 CEST 2009

On Thursday 23 April 2009 11:42:33 pm Steven Ellis wrote:
> Paul
> Really appreciate all your work on submitting this, and at the end of
> the day we need to remember this isn't NZ specific
> There are a couple of key requirements in the DVB space that require
> this support -
> First up NZ and several other countries are now starting to use HE-
> AACv2 encapsulated in LATM as their default audio formal to save
> bandwidth.
> Secondly we can't make do with plain AAC decoding. EyeTV for the Mac
> currently supports AAC + LATM and sounds dreadful as they are getting
> a 22KHz audio stream rather than a 44.1 or 48KHz stream.
> Third there are the big hacks we are currently needing to support our
> broadcast media in tools like MythTV etc.
> Big thanks from the Open Source community in NZ to Paul for taking
> this particular challenge on, and the best of luck.
Thanks for your support Steve.

Others have taken on my current patches and included them in their own
builds of MythTV. I believe that handbrake also uses a version of my patch
and XBMC is in the works as well.

That's what has prompted me to try to get them rolled in to ffmpeg. Of
course I want to do it the right way though. So if a decoder is wrong and
a bit stream filter is right, then bit stream filter, here we come :-)

> Steve


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