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Tue Aug 25 22:50:44 CEST 2009

their codecs.

> I assume the fact that the TI plugin can be built separately to the main
> build is a factor?
> With ffmpeg, it would (from my limited understanding) be more tightly
> coupled with the main code base.
> I'm not sure about the definition of "free" but all required tools are
> available for download from TI (US export rules permitting):
> So...
> If I spent the time and effort integrating the DaVinci DMAI / CE into
> ffmpeg, would a patch be willingly accepted, or would it be too much of a
> legal / logistical nightmare to be integrated into the ffmpeg trunk?
> My specific goal is to have DSP accelerated decode on the OMAP3530 based
> BeagleBoard for use with MythTV.

I don't know about the other devs, but I would prefer if we had c64x
optimized code in our own decoder instead of calling a binary blob and
letting it do its job. But IMO a wrapper around the Codec Engine would
be nice too.

Ramiro Polla

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