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Tue Aug 25 22:50:44 CEST 2009

way to know in advance those would be a waste of time and I do
think they were reasonable to ask to investigate since it was not
that much effort to do.
Then the whole effort died, resurrected only by your ping on the 26th
September, which resulted in a more specific suggestion for a fix and
realizing that it was fixed from the MinGW side, which lead the whole
thing to be dropped again.
Here the only issue I can see is the long delay.
For what I can see that was caused by at least one of
1) the issue being fixed by MinGW
2) nobody caring about Windows/MinGW

As for 1), that surely is not really an issue, even though it would
have been nicer to know about it earlier, right?
As for 2), well, I'm tempted to say that that's just how it is - I'd welcome
solutions, but you can not force Linux developers care about it to the point
of wildly trying to create patches they can't test nor does there seem to
be much of another way to get more active Windows developers judging
by the lack of success by the VLC team.
Though I can suggest having a look at MPlayer's DOCS/tech/mingw-crosscompile.txt 
which explains how to do a cross-compile for MinGW under Debian - if
someone modifies this to work with FFmpeg and maybe adds whatever is
necessary so make test can run the result with Wine, maybe we can
get a few (more) Linux developers to take test/care about Windows-specific
Any other specific issue you see that I missed or suggestions how to fix it?

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