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Tue Aug 25 22:50:44 CEST 2009

the full AVFormatContext interface inbetween.

Are there any examples of chaining muxers this way?

Ronald was ok with patch 0010 - would you be ok to apply this one, 
preceded by 0005? Or on the other hand, if I get the chained muxers to 
work fine, this member could be removed completely, since it is currently 

> In
> particular, I do not like patches 12/24 and 13/24. But I might be missing
> something... I need more time to look at the code and think about possible
> alternatives.

> - Isn't "log_context" the same thing as "ic"? I am not sure if it's worth
> renaming that field

Currently, ic isn't set at all (therefore, I removed it as unused in 
0014), and the intent of log_context was that RTPMuxContext could be used 
without being tied to any particular AVFormatContext.

I'll try changing things in the directions you indicated, thanks for the 
feedback this far!

// Martin

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