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|This list enumerates fourcc codes and the codecs they identify.
|Codecs which are not in this list but have a standard fourcc in AVI can be
|used with the AVI fourcc in nut as well.
|Codecs which are in this list but are not used with the same fourcc in AVI
|should be reported to us! (these maybe a typo)
|Codecs which are in this list and in AVI with the same fourcc as well as
|other fourccs, SHOULD use the fourcc specified here.
|For codecs which do not have a fourcc in AVI nor this list, please contact
|us so we can add them to the list.

As for limitation I just mean the fact that there are rawvideo pixel
formats which cannot be represented by an AVI tag, and they can be
added to nut extending its specification.

> > I need that for the libavfilter test.
> this patch makes no sense, rejected.
> the codec_tag-pix_fmt mapping is in libavcodec/raw*
> add it there where the avi and quicktime mappings already are.

I thought that that mapping would be nut-specific, so I fail to see
why it should be implemented in

Also that would introduce the possibility for the AVI/QT muxer to use a
tag which is not valid for it, no?

That said, I really don't mind into putting these nut tag definitions
in ff_raw_pixelFormatTags, but that sounds odd/wrong to me.

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