[FFmpeg-devel] Intel IPP H264 encoder

armand bendanan armand.bendanan
Fri Dec 4 13:53:52 CET 2009

> Yey! Another miscommunication or breakdown of communication, due to lack
> of humility and/or willingness to explain what someone from outside the
> 'community' may not know, leads to another contributor being driven
> away.

I agree

> All that was needed was "Could you please provide information about the
> sample used, the settings used to encode the sample with each encoder
> and any other useful information? e.g. x264 defaults with no b-frames
> and IPP with this option and that option." 

I agree

> But instead there's rudeness, which gets met with defensiveness to
> rudeness and it snowballs from there...
> Yes we know x264 is awesome and it seems, from Jason's studying, that
> the Intel IPP H.264 encoder codebase is somewhat hideous, but still,
> maybe someone will find it useful/interesting to have it hooked up in
> FFmpeg.
> Erik - if you could publish your contribution somewhere, I'd be grateful
> and maybe some other people would be too, even if it doesn't get
> integrated into trunk.

I agree


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