[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavdevice: SDL Audio Playback

Ivo ivop
Tue Dec 8 14:56:48 CET 2009


On Saturday 05 December 2009, 10:08:48, Luca Abeni wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 21:38 +0100, Ivo wrote:
> [...]
> > Yes, you are right. I'll fix it next time I resend the patch. First I
> > want to have the libavdevice API for audio and video output devices
> > changed, so I can start writing a whole bunch of those. I'll send a
> > proposal next week.
> Just out of curiosity: what needs to be changed, and why?
> (sorry if it was discussed somewhere and I missed it)

IMHO audio out formats need a few functions similar to libao2 in MPlayer to 
be really useful in building an audio/video player, like 
get_delay/latency/space. If there's get_space(), perhaps a non-blocking 
output isn't necessary or wanted. Video out formats should have functions 
like draw_osd, get_buffer (for direct rendering) and flip_page. If 
write_packet is used/defined to write full frames, something like 
draw_slice would be useful too. Both video and audio out formats need a 
control function to control for example hardware treble/bass/volume/pan or 
hardware chroma/luma/saturation etc.. Also, a function to capture events 
(IR remote control, keypresses, mouse movements) and send them back to the 
application would be useful too. Perhaps by calling a user supplied 
callback function that processes the event.

> In case you are writing video output devices, I already have a GTK
> output device (basically working, needs a proper configure part and some
> cleanup) - I am saying this to avoid duplicated work :)

Thanks! Perhaps you could make it svn-ready or post it here so we can do it 
together? (or is it already posted somewhere and I missed it?)


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