[FFmpeg-devel] compressed v4l2 images

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Dec 10 09:53:52 CET 2009

Hi Ramiro,

On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 08:17 -0200, Ramiro Polla wrote:
> > I just tested this patch with a logitech something webcam (which produces
> > MJPEG video), and it works wonderfully with both ffmpeg and ffplay (I cannot
> > use "-vcodec copy" in ffmpeg, because I get the "non-monotone timestamp"
> > error, but I think this is an unrelated issue).
> >
> > More testing (and/or feedback) is welcome.
> I found the old webcam and tested again, and your patch worked. I send
> here an updated version

Sorry for this never-ending story, but... A new patch implementing this
kind of functionalities has just been posted by "klchxbec".
Can you test it (the latest version, the one with the table-driven codec


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