[FFmpeg-devel] ffserver broken between r20620 and r20627 (r20621?)

Naz lists
Sun Dec 13 04:14:41 CET 2009

I have been using ffserver for some time now, quite successfully. 
However, recently ffserer functionality has been broken. After much 
recompiling, I found out that the break occurred on Nov 28th; r20620 
works while r20627 does not.

The break does not appear to be x264 related, as the issue manifests 
even when I use vanilla flv. It may not even be a bug in ffserver.c as 
ffserver starts fine, but ffmpeg does not begin streaming when it is 
instantiated, so it could be a bug in the way that ffmpeg determines the 
required output from the ffm file.

After a quick perusal of the svn log, I think that it was r20621 that 
did it, as that sounds like it changed the way ffm was handled and 
checked. Is anyone able to fix this? It took me a whole evening to find 
the location of the cause, I'd fix it myself but I'm no coder. I'd 
really appreciate it if a dev could take this up.

- Naz.

?????? ?????

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