[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add writing of vorbis comments to flac files

James Darnley james.darnley
Mon Dec 14 01:23:07 CET 2009

On IRC, ?bcoudurier suggested that I should also factorise the code in
the ogg muxer. ?This was easy enough to do for Ogg-FLAC files. ?I have
attached this as another patch (git diff) to be applied with or after
the old one.

I couldn't find any documentation on exactly if or how speex supports
vorbis comments but looking at the existing code, it should. ?speexenc
version speex-1.2beta3 also supports writing comments into a file in
this manner. ?Therefore, I have enabled writing the comments into
speex but I can't say that it is correct. ?speexdec has no problems
decoding it though.

However, when using vorbis, the comments are written into the header
by libavcodec or libvorbis.  Moving this to libavformat won't be done
soon by me.

I also updated the old patch to the latest revision, it has no
functional changes, just the line numbers have changed in some files.

While running the regression tests (again), I noticed that there is a
new error (shown below).  Is the "pos" value which changes, the
position in bytes to which it seeks?  If so then I can account for
this difference due to the extra data I write to the file.  I haven't
included this change in my patch.

--- /c/cygwin/home/jdarnley/src/ffmpeg-git/tests/seek.regression.ref
 2009-12-12 15:29:34 +0100
+++ tests/data/seek.regression  2009-12-14 00:49:11 +0100
@@ -614,7 +614,7 @@
 ret:-1         st:-1 flags:1  ts:-0.645825
-ret: 0         st: 0 flags:1 dts: NOPTS    pts: NOPTS    pos:     42
size:  1024
+ret: 0         st: 0 flags:1 dts: NOPTS    pts: NOPTS    pos:   8256
size:  1024
 ret:-1         st:-1 flags:0  ts:-1.000000
 ret:-1         st:-1 flags:1  ts: 1.894167
 ret:-1         st: 0 flags:0  ts: 0.788345

seek regression test: error
make: *** [seektest] Error 1
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