[FFmpeg-devel] Problem with initial dts in h264

John Stebbins jstebbins
Mon Dec 7 16:05:54 CET 2009

On 12/06/2009 10:30 PM, John Stebbins wrote:
> ... as you
> noted, there seems to be more bugs. I'm now seeing the dts start out ok.
> But it looks like st->codec->has_b_frames starts out at 2, changes to 0
> on the second packet, then changes to 2 again a bit later. When it
> changes back to 2, dts once again gets the wrong value for a sequence of
> several packets. It appears that the change in delay screws up the
> ordering in pts_buffers.

This was a brainfart.  After I stepped away from the code for a few 
minutes, I realized I had been looking at 2 different streams.  The dts 
being returned for the video stream looks as it should.

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