[FFmpeg-devel] Cleaning up incoming

Attila Kinali attila
Wed Dec 16 11:36:12 CET 2009


It looks like that there will be no consens on how to clean up
incoming which everyone likes. Which results in incoming getting
a bigger and bigger mess every day.

So, i propose the following:
I'll have some free time over christmas and new year and will clean
up incoming to my liking, unless someone steps up and actually does
something about the mess there.

And please do not come later and complain that you cannot find anything
anymore, as i've given everyone plenty of oppurtunity to do something.
But beside Ivo and Compn, everyone just complained that they cannot
find anything if we clean up, without presenting any viable solution
at all.

			Attila Kinali

If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
		-- African proverb

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