[FFmpeg-devel] Samsung's FFmpeg

François Revol revol
Wed Dec 16 14:21:15 CET 2009

> I tried to find the binary distribution (since I am curious about the 
> EULA of
> the wmdrm library that is used at runtime, see libavcodec/
> wmdrm_wrapper.h).
>  On
> http://www.samsungsupport.com/650/, I found a license pdf (containing 
>  and
> others for other used projects), but no EULA for the firmware updates 
> and no
> binary containing FFmpeg code (so I could not verify the actual 
> license).

Ouch, so they use ffmpeg to play DRMed wm ? How lame, like, maybe the 
M$ version of WMV/WMA is worse ? or is the licence for the DRM library 
cheaper alone than with the codec ?

Eh, what stupid stuff you have to do to support those stupid telco with 
"illimited music" plans which only has the stupidity illimited and you 
loose all your music by resigning your telephone accound...


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