[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mp4a-latm rtp output & dynamic payload type from URL

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu Dec 17 21:09:41 CET 2009

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 04:25:23PM +0100, Luca Abeni wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> [...]
>>>> Ok, thanks. I'll have a look at using AVStream.id for the payload type 
>>>> in
>>>> the RTP muxer
>>> Unfortunaly AVStream.id is always 0 when raw h263/amr streamed.
>>> But AVOutputStream.file_index can be used to increase rtp dynamic type.
>>> Here is simple patch that adds AVFormatContext.file_index and increase
>>> payload_type for every dynamic stream.
> [...]
>>> --- a/libavformat/avformat.h
>>> +++ b/libavformat/avformat.h
>>> @@ -536,6 +536,7 @@ typedef struct AVFormatContext {
>>>      void *priv_data;
>>>      ByteIOContext *pb;
>>>      unsigned int nb_streams;
>>> +    int file_index;      /**< file index, used in rtp-output for dynamic 
>>> payload type */
>>>      AVStream *streams[MAX_STREAMS];
>> didnt review your patch but you cant add things into the middle ofpublic
>>  structs
> If this is fixed, would the addition of a "file_index" field be acceptable?
> (I am asking in case I do not manage to use AVStream.id for this purpose).

Well, without reading the patch the description of
int foobar; //foobar used in rtp
tells me nothing so i cant awnser if the variable is ok (ive no clue at all
what it is) what i can for sure is that the doxy is not ok :)

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If a bugfix only changes things apparently unrelated to the bug with no
further explanation, that is a good sign that the bugfix is wrong.
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