[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] please vote for our NGO name

François Revol revol
Fri Dec 18 22:50:39 CET 2009

> > we can't agree on a name for our fancy new non-profit org, so we 
> > want
> > YOU to help us choose a name. Voting is open to all developers /
> > contributors with an SVN account at svn.ffmpeg.org.
> > 
> > You can choose between the following names:

2. FFmedia (Foundation for Free MultimEDIA)
3. FFMTech (Foundation for Free Multimedia Technologies)
1. Free Multimedia Tech / freemediatech.org
4. FFmpeg Foundation

I don't think the ".org" in org names really makes it, as I already 
said, we always forget it for "OpenOffice.org".

Also, using a shortened "tech" beside a full "multimedia" sounds wrong, 
when we often cut it to just "media".

> OMF sucks because of "open" isnt the semantic correct meaning for us


> "fast forward" is meaningless for everyone except ~50 people on this 
> planet
> who associate it with ffmpeg


> FFmpeg Foundation isnt bad but it doesnt say that much to the average
> person of what the goals of the foundation are, well not everyone 
> knows
> what ffmpeg is, but at least it is short and simple :)

+ it has the "mpeg" dubious string...


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