[FFmpeg-devel] Voting results for NGO

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje
Sat Dec 19 21:33:35 CET 2009


here's the voting result for the NGO name. 26 people voted. Official
counting is done using Condorcet. Results indicate how often the
choice was preferred over one other that it's being compared to, minus
the amounts of times that the other was preferred over this one.

1) FFMedia (+1 over FFMTech, +3 over Free Media Tech, +5 over FFmpeg
Foundation, +17 over FFM.org and OMF, +21 over FFMF)
2) FFMTech (+2 over Free Media Tech / FFmpeg Foundation, +13 over OMF,
+16 over FFM.org, +18 over FFMF
3) Free Media Tech (+3 over FFmpeg Foundation, +10 over FFM.org, +11
over OMF, +15 over FFMF)
4) FFmpeg Foundation (+10 over OMF, +11 over FFM.org, +14 over FFMF)
5) FFM.org (+3 over OMF, +7 over FFMF)
6) OMF (+2 over FFMF)

The results from the point-counting system (for comparison) are
identical, point system was explained in my original email.

1) FFMedia - 106 points
2) FFMTech - 93 points
3) Free Media Tech - 80 points
4) FFmpeg Foundation - 77 points
5) FFM.org - 33 points
6) OMF - 27 points
7) FFMF - 11 points

So I hereby declare "FFmedia" (Foundation for Free Multimedia) the
winner of the vote. I'll try to get registration going Monday. Problem
is that "ffmedia.com/org/net/info" are not available, so we'll have to
host the relevant foundation pages on our own domains. If people
object to the vote, please raise these before Monday. (I'm taking
Diego's "let's move" as a "I will not object".)


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